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19.7 Inch Walnut and Maple Chess Board

19.7 Inch Walnut and Maple Chess Board

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This board arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. It has a good weight and straight lines. The surface is extremely smooth and well finished with a slight satin sheen. It compliments my Victoria series boxwood/sheesham pieces perfectly. I would have given it 5 stars however the veneered underside of the board is a different colour to the walnut surface. Mine is a sort of orange beech colour. The illustration shows the underside to be a walnut colour to match the boards surface. Its not a deal breaker and this is still a superb board for the money but I would have prefered the underside to have a walnut veneer as pictured. Although you are unlikely to ever see the underside often as you will be too busy playing chess on it!
Date Added: 24/02/2011 by Alex Harmer