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Established in 2008

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Metal Chess Sets

Metal Chess Sets

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Luxurious, Italian-Made Chess Sets

All of the Metal Chess sets in the regency collection are comfortable in either this or the luxury section, thanks to the extraordinary, painstaking level of artisan manufacture bestowed upon them. They boast a discernible aesthetic beauty that stands them above other chess sets, while an almost religious pursuit of fundamental quality means they will retain their good looks.

Sure to Last

In a time when many products on the market are almost built not to last, our Italian-made metal chessmen act as a counterbalance to that, offering customers a lasting investment. The The Finnesburg and Dark Walnut Luxury Chess Set, for example, will serve a family not just over the years but over several generations. This exceptional piece is entirely hand made in Florence, Italy by a team of craftsmen from our partners at ItalFama. You can expect to own these sets for life, playing with and admiring the fine detail of these unique metal chess pieces.

Italfama Craftsmanship

The Regency Chess Company is proud to the UK stockists of the Italfama range of metal chess sets. We started working with this storied Italian company after hearing about the astonishing, traditional manufacturing process they follow. Each metal chessman is formed slowly from a moulding machine that was first put into operation more than 30 years ago. Molten hot Nickel or Brass is poured gradually into the casts, where it is then left to set overnight.

Once the clouds of steam clear the craftsmen are left to examine their work, a task we also charge our customers with, offering them the chance to own a Metal Chess Set made by a Florentine company of legendary status.