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The Regency Chess Company is the UK's foremost retailer of high quality chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, chess timers and backgammon sets. You have arrived at the United kingdom's most regarded and respected chess supplier who boasts a massive range of the finest grade chess products.
Our complete product repertoire is in stock at our UK located warehouse ready for instant dispatch and next day delivery. Our products are imported from all around the world & we also ship globally and offer a free delivery option within the UK mainland.

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Giant Garden Games

Garden Chess Sets

Now that spring is here the need to get out on the garden is ever present, the smell of freshly cut grass wafts through our open windows while the sun beams down on the cars being washed on the drive way. A sure sign that the days are longer, neighbours are chatting over the fence again, spring is here and summer is on it's way. Now that The Regency Chess Company has begun stocking a range of outdoor chess sets you can enjoy your favourite game in the fresh air. We have added a selection of durable outdoor chess games and a draughts set too. We have always said that no home should be without a set, but need to extend the statements to gardens too.

Travel Chess

Travel Chess Sets

Our range of travel chess sets is without doubt the best in the UK. We stock travel sets in a huge variety of sizes, from just 5 inches right up to 14 inches. Many of our travel games are unique to The Regency Chess Company and are only available through us or our authorized outlets. We stock both magnetic and non magnetic sets and our range features over twenty five different styles and sizes. All of these sets are stocked in our UK warehouse for immediate dispatch.

New Chess Boards

New High Gloss Boards

We recently added two new styles of chess board to our huge range. The first is a very high quality black anegre and maple board that has been finished in a stunning gloss lacquer. These boards are available in sizes from around eighteen inches up to over twenty three inches. The second is a brand new design of chess board and is exclusive to The Regency Chess Company. It features black anegre squares and a rich brown palisander border. Like the black boards this is finished in a gloss lacquer and available in four different sizes. Both boards feature fine inlaid veneers and have been manufactured in Europe to a very high standard of precision and quality.

The Antique Reproduction Chessmen

Northern Upright Chess pieces St George Chess pieces

We have added two pre Staunton designs to our collection of fine luxury chessmen. The St. George and the Northern Upright - both presented in ebony and boxwood. These two designs were common place before the Staunton chess pieces become and standard choice for most chess players.

Our reproduction sets are precise and exact copies of the originals and have been crafted to a standard that exceeds all expectations.

The third set of exact reproductions is our Reykjavik chessmen, named after the town where the world's most famous chess match took place in 1972. We are of course talking about the game between American Bobby Fischer and the Russian Boris Spassky. These chessmen are an exact and precise reproduction of the very same chessmen used in the famous game. Presented with a certificate of authenticity and deluxe storage case.

The Bath Chess Set

Bath Chess Set Image The Bath Chess Set

It's been a long time in the making, but our flag ship product is now in stock and on sale. The Bath Chess Set is a unique set of super luxury chessmen that have been designed around three key elements. The design encompasses elements of Staunton and pre-Staunton designs such an Northern Upright but takes most of it's fundamental design cues from classic Georgian architecture in the historical city of Bath.

The result is a chess set of resounding beauty, perfect preparations and absolutely divine quality. Made only from the finest exotic hardwoods and presented in a solid wooden casket, these chessmen are the ultimate collectors dream.

The set is produced as a limited edition with only fifty sets in production world wide.

Small Luxury Chess Sets

Sandringham Tres Corone Chess Pieces

Our range of luxury chess pieces is by far the best in the United Kingdom, probably Europe. One thing that pretty much all luxury chessmen have in common is their size and scale. You will see that on most chess retailing websites the luxury pieces come with a minimum four inch king. Generally speaking size matters, and customers buying luxury chess sets want something quite grand that's going to make a big impression.

We have, however received repeated requests from customers to supply top quality luxury chessmen in smaller sizes so that they can place them on smaller boards. Not everyone has space in their home to display the huge chess boards required to accommodate large luxury chessmen. We have started by introducing our superb Sovereign series with a three inch king and our Sandringham series with a 2 and a half inch king size. These pieces can be placed on boards of nineteen and seventeen inches respectively. So, if you want the best quality chessmen money can buy, but want something smaller than usual, our range of small luxury chess sets is the perfect solution.

Chess Rules Download

download chess rules

We have complied a very simple and concise printable single page of the rules of chess.

We believe this printout is a great resource for any beginners or players who need a quick refresher after years of abstinence from the beautiful game!

Click on the icon to download an adobe pdf file of the rules of chess now.

Patrick Moore, The Chess Enthusiast

Patrick Moore with his Regeny Chess Set, customised by King Edward's School, Bath.

The Regency Chess Company is thrilled to have been involved in the supplying of a custom chess set to Sir Patrick Moore. The set was presented by King Edward School of Bath who initiated the project after they spoke to Patrick to arrange a visit.

Patrick told the school that he loved to play chess but had trouble with his arthritis which resulted in him knocking the pieces over. He wanted a large pegged set, something that's not commercially available.

It is with the upmost regret and sadness to hear that Sir Patrick, aged 89, passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday the 9th December 2012. May all of us at The Regency Chess company wish his family and close friends our sincere condolences.


Chess Sets London

The UK's best online chess shop can have your chess set delivered to your London address in just twenty four hours. Our express courier delivery is just £5.99. The biggest and best range of very high quality products, in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Avoid disappointment on the high street and order today from the UK's finest chess supplier.

We have the biggest selection of high quality sets available. Next day delivery and free shipping available. Prices start from just £9.99 and go over £3000. All of our stock is warehoused in our purpose built facility in the UK and is available for immediate dispatch. Our items are imported from all over the world, we bring the finest quality chess products to your doorstep here in the UK.

If you are looking to buy a hand painted chess set our range of superb SAC hand painted themed chess pieces are perfect. In stock for immediate dispatch and free or next day shipping these chessmen are the perfect collectable gift item. The range of SAC chess pieces have become legendary over the last twenty years and is now a brand known for its superb design and outstanding quality.


Rare Woods That Make Your Set Highly Collectable

High quality chess sets have always been seen as collectable items with old antique sets often fetching high sums of money. One huge factor that will affect the collectability is the type of wood it has been crafted from. For a set of chess pieces to be made to a good standard they must be made from a dense hardwood. Woods such as ebony and rosewood are ideal for this purpose but both such woods currently sit on the endangered list.

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Chess Sets That Never See A Single Game

There are many examples of beautiful creations that never get used for the purpose to which they were intended. The car that sits in a collection never being driven, the priceless violin that never gets played, the first edition that never gets read. There are many examples of objects of desire that are seen as too precious, too valuable and too attractive to be used for the purpose they were designed for.

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How Playing Chess Keeps The Adult Mind Active & Alive

Studies have shown that playing chess can be helpful in raising academic performance among young people. Those who have been exposed to chess from an early age show improvements in logical thinking and overall test scores, improved socialisation and better concentration. But can playing chess help adults in these areas? Initial evidence seems to point to yes.

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Why Every Child Should Learn to Play Chess

Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world and is played practically everywhere in tournaments, clubs, online, through mail correspondence, and in the privacy of people's homes. It is a game of complex strategy that is relatively easy to learn yet can take a lifetime to truly master. It has also gained a reputation as a game for intellectuals that may be beyond the grasp of casual board game players and children, but there are plenty of benefits to learning the game. In fact, there are many people who believe that every child should learn to play chess for the skills and knowledge they can take away from it.

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Seeing Is Believing - The Regency Chess Company Showroom

The Regency Chess Company showroom no longer exists within the warehouse due to space issues. We are however still able to welcome customers in to look at any products they wish. Please call us on 01373 469741 to book an appointment. You have decided that it can't be put off any longer. For years you have been telling yourself you will buy a nice chess set, something that's going to last the rest of your life and beyond. Into town you go, debit card in hand, looking for the perfect chess set. Five hours later you are back at home staring at your computer screen wondering why it's become impossible to buy a chess set on the high street. It's a sad fact that most of the high street specialist games retailers have shut up shop and either gone online, or out of business all together. It seems that online shopping is your only option.

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