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Chase cases are an important part of any chess set because of the protection they offer the chess pieces. The felt inlays of our wooden boxes stop wooden pieces from becoming scratched or chipped, while the drawstring chess piece bags are ideal for our cheaper £6.99 or £14.99 plastic chess pieces.

Advice. What Chess Box do you need?

If your chess pieces are less than 3.5 inches then the 11 Inch Sheesham (Pronounced She-Sham) Chess Piece Cabinet with Sliding Lid is the ideal fit.

For a slightly more vibrant look the Root Wood Burl Chess Piece Case with Hinged Lid Small will also accommodate pieces of up to 3.5 inches.

The larger incarnation of the Root Wood Burl case is exactly the same but will comfortably house pieces with a 4 inch king. Both of these cases are fitted with a soft felt inlay to ensure even the finest chess pieces remain undamaged.

Perhaps our hardiest box, though, is the Polished Sheesham Chess Case with Hinged Lid, which is best suited to pieces with a 3.75 inch King.

Schools and Discounts

Almost all the schools we work with require bags to store their chess pieces in, with the emphasis on not losing individual pieces as much as not damaging them.

With this in mind we offer big savings to institutions that need to buy their products in bulk. In fact, when schools order the School Tournament Chess Set, we recommend also purchasing our Blue Fabric Chess Set Carry Bag, which holds the entire set comfortably.

For an either larger discount we also have Drawstring Chess Bags available in either Red or Green.

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