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Tournament Chess Supplies

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Tournament Standard

The Regency Chess Company now stocks a range of essential tournament chess sets and supplies. Most of the world's chess federations and associations have agreed on a common standard for the chess sets used in the official tournaments and it goes without saying that all of the products in this section are compliant with these standards. We have sourced the highest quality sets and boards from one of the worlds biggest producers of chess sets. Our huge buying capabilities means our prices are extremely keen, for schools and clubs buying multiple sets we offer extremely competitive pricing.

Tournament chess set

The tournament chess set needs to comply with the standards set out by the worlds chess federations. These standards stipulate Staunton pattern chess pieces with a 3.75 inch King Height and a chess board with squares of 2.25 inches. The world chess federation has published a set of guidelines for tournament sets and venues.

Our tournament chess sets are fully compliant with these standards and are available in both the green and black colours.

Chess sets for schools

School chess clubs may not need to adhere to the exacting tournament specifications when purchasing their chess sets but the reason most schools opt for our tournament sets is the price. When buying multiples of sets for school club use they represent amazingly good value for money. They are highly durable, require zero maintenance and extremely cheap ad easy to replace should pupils lose pieces or misplace the sets. If you are a school looking for equipment for your club we can arrange fast delivery, easy invoicing and we accept purchase orders from all UK based educational establishments. If you want your school chess sets to be high quality, well priced and delivered on time then get in touch.

Why Buy Your Tournament Plastic Chess Equipment From The Regency Chess Co?

The Regency Chess Company have established themselves as the UK's most prominent and successful retailer of fine wooden and metal chess sets. By sourcing products from all over the world we have managed to bring you a range of products that remains unrivalled by another UK company. Due to our ever expanding size and infrastructure we are now able to offer inexpensive, tournament grade plastic chess sets and equipment at an extremely competitive price. This makes us a one stop shop for chess products and removes the need to shop elsewhere.

Plastic chess sets

Plastic chess sets are durable, inexpensive and lightweight which makes them more than ideal for use in tournaments and school chess clubs. Your club chess sets needn't be expensive heavy wooden sets, and most certainly need to be Staunton pattern. Tough injection moulded chessmen combined with printed rubber or vinyl chess boards are produced in huge quantities compared to wooden sets which is why the cost makes them more than ideal for use in schools and clubs on a budget. If pieces get lost, stolen or sets become incomplete they are easy to replace with like for like sets.

Tournament Chess Board

Our range of high quality plastic tournament chess boards features the two most popular compliant boards in the world. The folding vinyl alpha numeric chess board which is available in both green and black. We also stock the extremely popular roll up vinyl board which is also available in green and black colouring. Both of these boards have 2 3/4 inch squares and alpha numeric notation.

School and club packages now available

Our deals for schools and clubs ranges from individual sets up to forty sets. We offer extremely good bulk discounts and it's now possible to buy in multiples of 10, 20, 30 and 40 directly from the website. If you require larger quantities please get in touch so we can price your deal accordingly. We can combine quantities of clocks and storage bags into your order and we offer free shipping to all of the UK mainland. Because we know your chess club or school wants the very best value for money we are keen to ensure you get the best deal.

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